Student-athletes in the 6th-8th grades (4th, 5th, 9th with coach permission) can tryout for the boys and girls soccer teams, which compete in the Spring Season. Practices will be held following school from 3:45-4:45pm on Tuesday through Thursday on the upper campus turf and futsal court.

Players will be provide match uniforms. They should come prepared with BOTH cleats and "flats" (i.e. indoor or tennis shoes) for EVERY practice session. Our training curriculum incorporates an innovative mix of small-sided (turf) and futsal (gym) work that will require activities on a variety of playing surfaces to maximize technical development. Shinguards - covered by proper soccer socks - are also required at every session.

Roughly 50% of games will be "home" on the Jubilee field with the remaining games "away" at various Austin-area sports complexes or opponent fields. Kickoff times are typically between 3:30-6:30, with players expected to arrive at least 45 minutes early to every match. Teams will NOT practice on match day, but they ARE expected to remain on campus for activities such as team walk-thrus and study halls. Absences from team activities will impact playing time and student-athletes should only tryout if they are available for all matches (barring excused absences).

Our soccer program is overseen by Coach Nick Marquez, who is in the process of obtaining his USSF "C" License. We are hopeful to offer both boys and girls teams each season, but always assess options to put every student-athlete in the best possible development environment. If for example we are unable to field an entire boys team this season, we'd attempt to create a futsal league and allow the boys to practice alongside our girls (who have recently been one of the best teams in the state).